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Buy Brooch Online In Pakistan

We can define a brooch as a decorative fashion accessory used to fasten the clothes. It has been part of a women’s jewelry box for ancient times. In the past, a brooch was used to hold tunics and cloaks firmly. With the advancement of the fashion business, nowadays, stylish brooches for ladies are considered as an exceptional fashion accessory to add a touch of glamour to outfits.

In past times, kings and queens considered brooches a symbol of rank and prestige. They wore them proudly to show their status, but today it is a fashion statement jewelry piece.

Brooches are a delicate piece of jewelry that women used to point out their feminine beauty and style. In many cultures, it is a part of tradition to wear a brooch with various outfits, especially used with sarees and jackets.

Now we cannot consider stylish brooches and pins as our grandmother’s accessories. But now, it is a fashion statement piece used to add a touch of glam and trendy look. In the market now, brooches are available in vibrant colors and ultra-modern designs. Colorful motifs and gemstones make these brooches always a demanded fashion accessory.


There are different ways women can clip their trendy brooches with various outfits.

  • A brooch is a perfect fashion accessory used to clip on the left or right side of your jackets or coats to make you look more stunning.
  • If you wear a plain shirt, a brooch is great to clip on the shirt’s lapel. So you can beautifully highlight your neckline.
  • If girls love to wear a hijab or scarf, then a brooch is a wonderful accessory to hold the hijab or scarf in place.
  • If you carry a simple bag, then a brooch is best on the top corner of your bag to make it look more appealing.
  • You can clip a brooch on the front right side of your hat or cap.
  • To make your sweater look more attractive brooch is good to place beneath the collarbone. In this way, you will notice an extra elegance in your sweater.
  • If you clip a brooch on your saree pallu or pleats, your saree will get fixed.
  • If you wear a simple outfit, a brooch is good for accessorizing your simple outfit.
  • A brooch is a stunning fashion accessory that girls can use as their hairpin. 
  • You can place any fancy brooch to add funkiness to jeans.


There are many brooch designs for ladies available in Pakistan. Some of the types of brooches for women are listed below. 


  • Colorful crystal brooch
  • Floral brooch
  • Metal brooch
  • Pendant brooch
  • Foliate brooch
  • Enamel brooch
  • Silver brooch
  • Golden brooch
  • Antique brooch
  • Multicolor brooch
  • Chain brooch
  • Fibula brooch
  • Lapel pins
  • Quotation brooch
  • Brooch safety pins and much more


In the past, brooches were made using bronze. But nowadays, various metals, dried wool, leather clay, plastic, wood, feathers, or multiple fabrics are used. Even you can get marvelous styles of brooches, i.e., insects, flower shells, whimsical abstract forms, and bird-inspired designs.


Brooches are a popular decorative fashion accessory loved by women around the globe. In Pakistan nowadays, women are crazy about collecting various styles of brooches to fasten their hijabs and scarfs.

  • A brooch is a beautiful accessory used to fasten the clothes for the whole day.
  • It is a great accessory to compliment your body shape, i.e. hips, waist, neckline, etc., more elegant.
  • Ladies wear brooch to give them a modish look and to elaborate on their feminine beauty,
  • Brooch is a stunning piece of fashion accessory used to add charm and color to unattractive outfits.


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